Spraying disinfectant, Coronavirus (covid-19)
Spraying disinfectant, Coronavirus (covid-19)

Covid-19 Procedures and Protocol

On-Site Appraisal Inspection or Estate Sale Consultation

Appraisals are considered an essential business and are being conducted at this time. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, added safety precautions have been put in place for in-home/on-site appraisals. The goal is to limit exposure for you as well as for our appraisers. These procedures have allowed our clients and appraisers to remain healthy, safe, and reduce the spread of the virus.

1. If the homeowner or occupant has contracted a cold, the flu, or the Coronavirus, or if they have been exposed to someone with a cold, the flu or Coronavirus, it is imperative that the appraiser is notified immediately. All parties will be presumed to be carriers of the Coronavirus.

2. The appraiser and/or team member will wear masks, gloves, and disposable booties while inside the home.

3. A “Social Distancing” of 6 feet from the appraiser and /or team member is requested and the homeowner or occupant is asked to wear a mask.

4. No physical contact will be made between the appraiser, team member, homeowner, or occupant.

5. The inspection will be completed as quickly as possible to minimize exposure.

6. The appraiser will not make physical contact with any interior surfaces in the home. This includes doorknobs and light switches. All lights must be turned on.

7. All items to be appraised or inspected must be visible and as easily accessed as possible.

8. The appraiser will not open any doors. All doors to all interior rooms must be opened prior to inspection.

9. All garage doors and fence gates must be opened prior to an inspection.

10. Items to be appraised will be inspected and photographed.

11. No information in written form will be handed to the appraiser and/or team member. The appraisal authorization form and invoice for the deposit will be emailed prior to the on-site inspection.

12. All pets must be secured or removed from the home.

13. Any violation of these procedures or protocols will result in cancellation of the on-site inspection and the appraiser and/or team member will immediately leave the premises.